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    Surf Helmet

    Better safe than sorry!

    While surfing, your safety and those of others is of utmost importance. Surfers who surf with a hard surfboard, such as polyester or epoxy, are especially at risk. Avid surfers will also know that fins can do some hefty damage. In order to protect your most vulnerable body part, you can use a surf helmet. This is particularly useful when it is busy in the water, or when the conditions are more challenging. In addition to fins or a hard surfboard, a hollow wave can also have a significant impact on your head, should you not duck dive under a wave in time. Parents also feel safer when their child wears a surf helmet. Not only does this protect them, but the bright colours makes it easier to spot a child in the water.

    Do you want peace of mind while surfing? At Hart Beach, we sell surf helmets from the Gath Brand. Gath is an Australian made brand, commonly known as a surf paradise. Gath specialises in producing water sport helmets, and are among the best on the market.

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