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    Front Pad


    Surf Front Grip Pad

    “You can fuckin’ land in the flats and stick things. Your feet are just planted so good. It actually works really good in big barrels, too. Like, coming over foam balls and shit, your feet are just stuck so you can make them a bit easier.
    Why wouldn’t you want your front foot and back foot to be on the same surface? Like, with skating, both feet are on grip tape. You wouldn’t put your back foot on grip tape and your front foot on wax or something, or vice versa, coz that’d be fuckin’ weird” (Noa Deane)

    A traction pad comes in handy to increase your grip on your board, which helps surfing. Even though wax already helps a ton, some surfers prefer the use of a grip pad. A front pad gives you grip for your front foot. Check for example the front pads from Hayden, Octopus and Creatures.

    After the disappearance of the full deck grip of the 80s, grip for the front foot (besides wax) has disappeared for a long time. However, when some aerial specialists got inspired by the sun of the co-developer of grip pads (Christan Fletcher), they started experimenting with front foot pads, which were very successful. The security and amount of grip is ideal for situations where a lot of grip is crucial (for example during airs and huge barrels).

    This differs per brand, so check the range in our webshop here. Or visit our shop for personal advice or explanation. Also, check out our Grip Pad Guide, where the different types of traction pads are explained more thoroughly.

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